Monday, March 12, 2012

Rev Zero W.I.P.

ID#: 0000
Subject: Lilly Eve Jones
Position: Special Ops. Revenant Program

Here is some more progress on Rev Zero, this is just a part of the entire photo I am painting. I don't venture out of Zbrush too much nowadays so I feel quite alien to painting characters that aren't on texture sheets in Photoshop lol. Regardless, I spent a night sketching up a face that I enjoyed and could work with for Rev Zero. This morning I looked at it again and decided to update the blog again however the tones were crazy dark >_<'. Just tried to adjust some color settings and brightness to make it at least visible on other monitors. Either way this is a long way to go, hope you enjoy it!

[EDIT] March 13th - Went back in and further adjusted color/brightness

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