Monday, March 12, 2012

Rev Zero W.I.P.

ID#: 0000
Subject: Lilly Eve Jones
Position: Special Ops. Revenant Program

Here is some more progress on Rev Zero, this is just a part of the entire photo I am painting. I don't venture out of Zbrush too much nowadays so I feel quite alien to painting characters that aren't on texture sheets in Photoshop lol. Regardless, I spent a night sketching up a face that I enjoyed and could work with for Rev Zero. This morning I looked at it again and decided to update the blog again however the tones were crazy dark >_<'. Just tried to adjust some color settings and brightness to make it at least visible on other monitors. Either way this is a long way to go, hope you enjoy it!

[EDIT] March 13th - Went back in and further adjusted color/brightness

Monday, March 5, 2012

As the world turns

Lately I have been in what I feel is a never ending loop or purgatory that is the transition to a steady job. I have been picking up some small contract works here and there to help pay the bills; However, I have made it a goal to force myself out to L.A. later this year to continue my studies as an artist at Gnomon in an attempt to break myself out of this loop I seem to be in. I will most likely be removing the rest of my website for updating in the next few weeks. I will keep my blog updated as regular as I can to illustrate my progress on the road to my ultimate goal, which is digital sculpture of characters and creatures. For those of you who still keep up with this thing, thank you!

Now... I can't say all that and not show anything! I sketch a bit and rarely turn them into finished artworks, instead I turn to sculpture. Here is a project I sort of brushed the dust off of in the back of my mind. Some of you might remember Revenant Zero or the thought of her from some time ago. She's back! Thanks to a few crazy dreams scratching in the back of my mind from a specific someone that was in my life for more than a few years. Damn you fond memories! Damn you... Anyway here's a low quality sketch of Rev. Zero that I will hopefully be finishing in color soon.

PS. Super sketch lol, major issues here obviously like her broken hands and weird feet annnnd baldness... Just a little teaser in what is to come!