Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The God of Deception

After careful consideration I chose to use my Silhouette #8 from my refined sheets. To me it felt as though it had one of the more interesting silhouette designs as well as a more godlike feel to it. Burned some midnight fuel to incorporate some of my more liked drawings and ideas from my previous sketches. This will symbolize the coming of an end to my drawing phase, I might sketch ideas out here and there to include or alter but it's high time I got into Z space. The feet are Johnny the Homicidal maniac inspired, a tribute to one of my more favored characters. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God of Deception - Silhouette Refining (Stage2)

Here are the long awaited sketches from the narrowed down silhouettes , some I spent more time on than others. I'm purely focused on bringing this sucker into 3D so I want to finish his concept rather soon. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

God of Deception - Silhouette refining

As you can see via my title I have changed the god type from Duplicity to Deception, just so he can govern a wider range of things :). I apologize for these taking so long to put out. After much help from some concepting tutorials I watched I refined the silhouettes of the character down to 8 that I liked, most of these were cleaned up from my first round of silhouettes. I have actually been working on rendering these in gray scale for a bit and will be done with that before the day is out as well. Look forward to checking it out, just wanted to show you guys all my steps thus far.