Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm not dead, I'm currently working on my 2nd phase of silhouettes... Taking the previous silhouettes and defining secondary and tertiary forms. Here's a little taste!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick Silhouettes

After long consideration of either doing a 4 or 2 legged god I decided to go more 2 legged, seeing as my last major project was 4 legged. Anyway! Here is my first line of quick silhouettes that I scribbled. I forgot to post these when I was finished with them lol, I've been working on refining shapes into a new silhouette sheet and defining some secondary forms. Meanwhile, feel free to leave comments about these if you so wish.
(I'll also include my character's little flavored text I added to the forum post, below this image)

If you're interested in how I created these, I used a program called Alchemy. It was kinda neat! First time user.

God of Duplicity
Rumored amung men and gods alike, this god's existence has been questionable... Until recently when I found him scouring the wreckage of past battles carving the faces off of deceased generals and salvaging mechanical parts he found nonetheless... interesting. Only tales speak of this faceless deity sitting in his workshop crafting faces to wear, dawning mechanical suits to disguise his flesh, deceiving the innocent and the great to wage war. He endlessly mutilates his own body to disguise himself in perfection. Some say that soon after the last breath of a soldier on a tragic battlefield you can hear him laughing and the gentle clanking of armor as he sifts through the remains to collect his spoils. How can I, being the person who spotted him, be so sure to what I saw? For you, I will attempt to recreate the horrid image of that... that thing! I fear I might be his next chosen victim. Has he been the cause of so many past wars? I do not know what other power he posses or if what I saw was indeed his true form.

"All I can remember is.. staring into emptiness as he faced me... tilting his head, as if I amused him...."