Friday, November 12, 2010

Business Card & Web Design

This seems to be taking quite a long time with all the variations I've had to make through suggestions and small changes. I did my best to listen to what everyone had to say about it, different design choices and asking as many people as I could what they liked. Ultimately I am more than happy with the final design and layout of both my business card and my website. Time to finally get back to what I love doing! With time growing short I intend to finish as many of my sculpts to that prime finished detail as possible. Look forward to to bonus conceptual textures when I get time to do them for certain models. Criticisms and suggestions are more than welcome here, so bring em on!

First, the back of my business card. I decided to go with a piece I've done on the back of my card to immediately state what I'm all about with a brand. The digital sculpture of Duke the dragon is made to look like he is walking out of the darkness and the wierd mystical smoke symbolizes my style or creation (birthing from imagination).

Second is the back of my business card. The back is made to be simple in design yet effective and sleek. The viewer is presented with my name on a semi-reflective surface with my title and my contact info squared out and lined up to fall from the beginning of the name and lined up with other tops of text and spacing so it is clean and representable.

Last is my website design, I have been informed to keep my design as consistent as possible. The final choice in this was to either continue using the smoke on a reflective surface or use Duke the dragon again. If I were to choose the smoke* I would have to design my business card to emulate that as well, which I have done in the past. See below...

The reason why I didn't go with this option is because I would rather have a card that at first impression someone was able to tell that I am a digital sculptor & 3D character/creature artist.

*(You can see the design earlier in my blog, the post is labeled "New Look!!!")

Thank you for your time and interest,

Christopher M. Chinea

Friday, November 5, 2010

Duke - Conceptual Textures

So, I've been experimenting with conceptual textures today. I saw a similar process done by Alex Alvarez and thought I could scratch the surface of it with my growing knowledge of Zbrush. So I dedicated some time today to do these variations based on my personal exploration on how to conceptual texture to hand off to texture artists, that is if I'm not the one doing the textures ;). I hope you enjoy them!

PS. The image is a 4096, so please feel free to look closer! Again any comments or critiques are appreciated and welcomed.

-Christopher M. Chinea