Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Look!!!

I've been working on my personal look and from several evolutions combined my dark style with a sleek/sexy simple design that speaks... Here are the two elongated versions of the picture.

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Thank you for your time,

Christopher M. Chinea

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More logo design for portfolio!

Weeeeeeeeeee, finalizing my logo designs... Here are some final design choices.... Enjoy!!

Thank you for your time,

-Christopher M. Chinea

All things Duke!

Here is a side update from last week as well, an issue was brought up by a colleague of mine, Kasey Kimberly. She has experience in horseback riding and informed me about changes I can make to my saddle to make it more believable from the perspective of a horseback rider. Additionally the issue was assessed about the harness of the saddle and what needs to change to actually support it and not interfere with the webbing of his wings. Ah... collaboration in design and critiques, that's why I pay my expensive loans for art school... The environment and the people :) so Kasey if you're reading this, thank you for contributing and further fueling my desire and passion! Here is the picture of projected changes to the harness.P.S.- Here is a link to Kasey's Blogspot

Thank you for your time,

Christopher M. Chinea

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

W.I.P. Killshot List

Well then folks here it is... My last quarter at the Art Institute of Atlanta. As per project and portfolio requirements this is what you can look forward to seeing!

The Brute is a 2hr quick sculpt I wish to take to a full character design.

Any fan of starcraft can recognize a Hydralisk! This is a 2.5hr quicksculpt that I intend to take pretty far in detail in tribute to Blizzard Entertainment. Plus always been a fan of the way Zerg look :)_
"Glory" is a bust I did a while ago, time on the bust was around 2.5hrs, I intend to use an additive clay process I developed using Zspheres to convert the bust into a full bodied character within minutes, and to later retopologize
Revenant -00 is themed to be a high tech female psi-warrior. With her back story leading into being a science experiment for the control of technology through the mind... Basically kick ass chicks with guns :)_.
I also plan to do a male nude at some point as well, (possibly) if there is time that is...

Thank you for your time!
-Christopher M. Chinea

Duke the Dragon, Update!

Hey guys it's been a while since I have updated Duke on my blogspot, so I threw a quick little mash up of where he stands as of late... Here he is! As the design is coming to an end I am finally adding all the armor and accessories that give Duke more of his character. I'll finish the subtool additions and feet very soon, look for a more in depth update very soon!

Thank you for your time,

-Christopher M. Chinea

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Heyas Everyone!
It's been a while since I have updated my blog, but that is all changing! As my work flow is stabilizing once again from the release of Zbrush 4.0 (a.k.a. Accustoming myself to all the new features for speed sculpts!). I will be keeping a nice flow of updates on my blog from 1-3 updates a week.


Recent work...
I have been working on my logo & signature design for portfolio alongside my personal studies. From sketchbook and many different variations in Photoshop I feel as if I'm closing in on a logo choice... And here it is!!!
This is part of a 1 of 8 set of variation sheets, I just liked this one the most overall

What you see on the left are the choices from the 8 original sheets I liked the most and got positive feed back on.While I was pushing the designs I decided to go extremes and make them really different from my originals (The 6 on the right). Ultimately Versions 1, 2, and 5 (right side) are picked. 2 being a personal favorite as well as the most picked.

The next step is pushing the backdrop of the logo. I might take out the shield, might add wings for more of an interesting overall silhouette... Feedback here would be of extreme benefit and will be most appreciated!

Inspiration and Logo Meaning
1. The logo is made up of the first letter of my first and last name (CC)
2. The cross is made to resemble the x/y axis with the z axis on top
3. The style of the letter 'C' also resembles the mathematical phenomenon of life, also know as the 'Fibonacci Sequence'.
4. Added bonus, the style of the Z slightly resembles that of the Zbrush logo. Fitting, as I consider myself a Zbrush artist :)

Thank you for your time and for viewing my post!

-Christopher M. Chinea