Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Rev-0!

More work on Lilly, got to a point where I find the armor sort of acceptable.  At this point I threw some different tones down to start some color tests before I go in and tweak/fix some things, like her feet, leggings hands face etc...
Thank you for your time,
Christopher M. Chinea

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rev-0 Update!

Some of you might be keeping up with my Project Revenant designs so here's another update!
   Lilly, code name Rev-Zero, has undergone a few redesigns that I hope you all will love based on an echoing memory an idol of mine, Rodney Allen, who told me never to stop pushing myself.  I revisit personal projects and apply new knowledge and experience to them, giving them more character.  However, one must know the limits of his or her ability at the time and move on before wasting too much time.  This proves to be a difficult task for many growing artists, I'm not exception.  Some advice, I'm sure some of you have heard before, If you're getting too frustrated with a piece, pickup and move onto something else and never be afraid to start over.  The difference between a good and great artist is repetition... Study, reference, apply and repeat such is the endless life of every artist.  An artist that suffers from arrogance binds themselves from growth.  Look up and realize that no matter where or who you are you can learn something from the people around you.  Live, experience, absorb, grow and let it show through your art.
Ok... So that might be a bit deep for 1:30am, but it's the message I got from knowing Rodney... I'm pretty sure he said something along the lines like, "Yeah man, I wish I could just eat people's brains for their artistic experience... but I can't." lol. 

Here's an update to Project Revenant, some gear redesign, facial redesign and stuff... Enjoy!

Thank you for your time,
Christopher M. Chinea

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm updating the style of my website to something a bit more professional to update and keep my work, I will post when it is finished :).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 Speed Paint #3 WIP
Sketched this one in a car on my iPad, this version is in photoshop on my laptop.  Given that my laptop is a few years old and overheats frequently I'm trying not to progress too far in speed paints.  Additionally the colors might be way off cause this screen sucks :|.  Anyway, enjoy! I'm planning to up rez this one and put some sort of shadowy demon behind her at a later date.

-Again a lot of issues with this one that are screaming at me, rather than going back to fix, I'm trying to move on to others in an attempt to reproduce them more accurately and quickly

Thank you for your time!

-Christopher M. Chinea

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wasn't expecting to spend any more time on this one today but I felt like giving it a bit more love.  Wife beater and a gun... and a weird lip bite going on.  Whatever she's doing she likes it.  Already started my next pick in this series of pics!  Please enjoy :).

WIP character that came from a 2.5hr quick paint

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rev Zero W.I.P.

ID#: 0000
Subject: Lilly Eve Jones
Position: Special Ops. Revenant Program

Here is some more progress on Rev Zero, this is just a part of the entire photo I am painting. I don't venture out of Zbrush too much nowadays so I feel quite alien to painting characters that aren't on texture sheets in Photoshop lol. Regardless, I spent a night sketching up a face that I enjoyed and could work with for Rev Zero. This morning I looked at it again and decided to update the blog again however the tones were crazy dark >_<'. Just tried to adjust some color settings and brightness to make it at least visible on other monitors. Either way this is a long way to go, hope you enjoy it!

[EDIT] March 13th - Went back in and further adjusted color/brightness